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To remeber them by:

Christopher Michael Paget:
BSc, MBA, MSc in Forensic Medicine
1956 - 2020

It is with regret that we inform you of the death of our friend Chris who passed peacefully on Friday 13th March 2020, after a short illness, at the Western General Hospital, Edinburgh.
Chris led a rich and fulfilling life which was lovingly remembered by family and friends at his funeral in March 2020.
Chris cherished very special memories of fishing his beloved river Spey, spending a week every year over the last 30 years with his two angling companions Graham Erskine and Euan Morrison.
He especially enjoyed fishing his favourite pool, the Tarric Mor, where he caught his share of salmon and sea trout.
He loved every aspect of the week’s angling, including fishing waste deep in the river, witnessing the Aurora Borealis, the meteor showers, the moonbow, the misty mornings, enjoying the riverside wildlife, the early morning frost on the fishing bags, even in the summer months, the river in all its moods and the trio of angling companions fishing in all of theirs.
He also enjoyed many a game of crib within the fishing hut especially on a stormy night, with the comfort of a dram and the heat and light of a candle.
Chris is survived by his loving wife Elspeth, to whom he was devoted and children Michael and Shona, both of whom he was very proud.
Chris shall be sadly missed by everyone who knew him and a glass shall be raised by Euan and Graham on the banks of the Tarric Mor, during their 2020 fishing trip, to toast Chris and reflect on all of the cherished happy memories that they were privileged to have shared with him.
Graham Erskine and Euan Morrison - July 2020

Yours Salmo Salar

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