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2018 Catch Reports




Last season's catch reports here


The salmon/grilse are listed in the table, below, in the order in which they are reported; consequently they are not usually in exact chronological order.

It is impracticable to list detailed sea-trout catches. Accordingly their catches will be summarised at the foot of this page.


   No               Date                           Pool                      Weight             Method               Remarks  
1 14th Apr Poll Clach 8 fly  
2 18th Apr Long Pool 7 spin see fish here
3 19 Apr Long Pool 6 spin  
4 19th Apr Long Pool 8 spin  
5 20th Apr Poll a Cearan 14 spin see fish here
6 21st Apr Poll Clach 8 spin  
7 21st Apr Long Pool 8 fly see fish here
8 23rd Apr Poll Clach 12 fly see fish here
9 25th Apr Poll Clachan Lois 8 spin see fish here
10 27th Apr Saddle Pool 10 spin see fish here
11 28th Apr Poll an Eileen 18 fly  
12 3rd May Auchernack 3.5 spin  
13 9th May The Bushes 9 fly see fish here
14 10th May Poll a Clachan 14 spin  
15 11th May Tarric Mor 8 worm  
16 11th May Lower Bend 11 worm see fish here
17 11th May Lower Bend 5 worm  
18 12th May Bridge Pool 7 fly  
19 14th May Bridge Pool 8 fly  
20 16th May Bridge Pool 14 fly  
21 25th May Dulnain Mouth 8 worm  
22 25th May Dulnain Mouth 10 worm  
23 25th May Dulnain Mouth 12 worm  
24 26th May Dulnain Mouth 8 worm see fish here
25 28th May Tarric Mor 14 fly  
26 30th May Tarric Mor 6 fly  
27 31st May Little Stream 18 fly  
28 1st June Tarric Mor 13 fly see fish here
29 5th June Poll Clachan Lios 5.5 fly  
30 12th June Bridge Pool 7 fly  
31 15th June Poll Caich 9 spin  
32 16th June Big Stream 12 fly  
33 16th June Dulnain Mouth 8 spin  
34 16th June Dulnain Mouth 2.5 spin  
35 19th June Dulnain Mouth 6 fly  

At least fifty-five sea-trout have been reported this season, thus far. This number includes one fish of 11 lbs, one of 10lbs, one of 8 lbs, three fish of 6 lbs, and a surprising number at 5 lbs and 4 lbs.

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