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The Fishing


At the head of Bridge Pool


We have had a new brochure produced which now includes a detailed map of our fishings on the Rivers Spey and River Dulnain. If you would like a glossy A3 sized copy, please send us your details via the contact us page. Alternatively, an A4-sized brochure can be downloaded and viewed/printed from the two pdf files below. (Remember to set you printer paper orientation to 'landscape'.) 


Click on the above images to download our new brochure.


S.A.I.A. leases approximately 6 miles of double bank salmon and trout fishing on the river Spey with 12 miles of double bank on the river Dulnain. The Spey beats are Upper Castle Grant with approximately 2 miles of mouth watering fly fishing water from the New Bridge down to Slop Thomas and New Bridge to Broomhill Bridge.

It is no idle boast that we believe our angling club water is probably the best in Britain. It is the quality of the environment up here in the Scottish Highlands that combines with the fishing to create an exceptional experience. There are stunning views of the Cairngorm Mountains from Dulnain Mouth, park like vistas upstream from Tarric Mor, the majestic, classic highland river tumbling through Clach na Strone down to Big Stream then under Grantown on Spey Old Bridge into the Lurg (the Lurig), the Long Pool and finally to Slop Thomas. Each pool and run a class act, water to get your pulse pumping

Our claim is not unfounded, being supported by the word of anglers who travel to Grantown from all corners of the world. Visitors recognise that a fishing permit for our Association water is just the ticket, representing a real chance to encounter a Spey salmon in a little bit of heaven, at a price that does not break the bank.

What a place to fish while you watch the osprey swoop, the otter slink and kingfishers dart in the sparkling waters of the Spey. Then the rod bends, the reel screams and you forget everything as you join battle with Salmo the Leaper, King of Fish!

Discover Speyside magic for yourself, take a pictorial tour of the river to view the Spey in all seasons, whether basking in sunshine or blanketed in winter snow. I bet it will tempt you.



Bigger and Better

The re-negotiation of Upper Castle Grant

After losing 6 day access to Upper Castle Grant water in the mid 1990's the club suffered a decline in visitor interest because we only had the beat from Thursday to Saturday, all be it with the extra water down to Slates.

After careful negotiation and commitment to greater expense, the club has regained full access from Monday to Saturday from the New Bridge down to Slop Thomas - yes the way it used to be but with extra water! 

For those of you who gave up fishing at Grantown when the fishing rights changed it is even better news, the great old days are back (and they were great). So dust off the road map to Speyside and get booked in and hooked into salmon on the magnificent Spey.

For those of you who have never been on the Spey now is the time to give it a go. I know, I moved here lock, stock and fishing tackle just to be able to get at that fabulous river every day. You will not regret it, you'll come back, you might even move here permanently!

Just over £30 per Day for Fishing on the Spey! ( Based on weekly ticket.)

Yes, that is what it costs when you take a week permit for the Association Water, £215 for the week and you get 7 whole days for that. The norm is 6 days with no Sunday fishing, but at Grantown you get a seven day ticket e.g. Saturday to Saturday inclusive, to make up for the lost Sunday.

The charge is only £55 for a day ticket from April onwards and that is good value! (£20.00 for 11th Feb through 31st March)

For information and pictures of all of our named pools on the Spey, click here.


Gyrodactlyus Salaris.

There is grave concern about a parasitic fluke, Gyrodactlyus salaris, (GS), which lives on freshwater fish. It is less than 1 mm long and is barely visible to the naked eye. It can be carried by brown trout, rainbow trout and other fish but is lethal to Scottish Salmon.

GS is native to rivers in Sweden, Finland and Russia where local salmon have evolved a resistance to the parasite. During the 1970's it was accidentally spread to rivers in Norway, Denmark, Germany, Spain, France and Portugal. The U.K. is currently GS free.

GS rapidly infests juvenile salmon causing mass mortality. In Norway, infected rivers lost 98% of their salmon within 5 years. Fishing in infected rivers becomes unfeasible due to lack of fish and restrictions on anglers' movements.

GS is most likely to be introduced to the U.K. by the movement of live fish from the continent. GS can survive for 5 to 7 days without a host, (fish), in damp conditions. The parasite could survive on wet angling clothing, nets, waders or other equipment or on canoes, rafts or boats.

Once a river is infected, all fish must be destroyed to remove potential hosts. The Spey could easily be infected by anglers carrying the parasite from infected countries on their damp clothing or equipment including waders and nets.

If you have fished or canoed on the continent, please, please take the following precautions before visiting the Spey.

  • Dry equipment and clothing at 20 C or more for at least two days.
  • Heat equipment and clothing to 60 C or more for at least one hour.
  • Deep freeze equipment and clothing for at least one day.
  • Immerse equipment and clothing for 10 minutes in any of the following treatments.
  • Virkon (1%) : Wescodyne (1%) : Sodium Chloride (salt) (3%) : Sodium hydroxide (0.2 %).

You will be asked to declare yourself GS free before you fish on the Spey.


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