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 Latest News - 2018 Season


Casting at the tail of Poll na Creice.


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17:00hrs Wednesday 20th June 2018

My dear wife has told me that I will be busy tomorrow, so herewith is your Thursday update ......on Wednesday!

The dry situation has prevailed and with extremely windy conditions on both Monday and Tuesday, I am not too surprised the hear that just one salmon has been reported this week, thus far.

Sea-trout are continuing to be caught although, as mentioned above, Monday and Tuesday nights were not ideal.

It seemed that there was a reasonable amount of rain in Grantown overnight, last night. Consequently I am surprised to see the 'FishSpey' river level suggesting that the river at Grantown was still running steady at 2 inches at 16:17hrs, today. The SEPA measurements suggest that the river had started to rise at 03:00hrs this morning .....which you can see, here. Unfortunately, the live webcam does not give us an accurate picture. Alas, I'll need to concede defeat on this matter, today.

Weatherwise, it's much more cool and is presently only just 12ºC with occasional showers. These showers are set to continue until around midnight when it will become quite cold - about 6ºC. Tomorrow should be more dry but with a cool north-west breeze. Friday will remain cool but mostly dry. Saturday should be dry and a little more mild.

There seems to have been an incident of Pearl Mussel poaching from our Upper Castle Grant beat. Many of you will know that the River Spey is renowned for its internationally important population of Pearl Mussels which are protected under European law. These mussels can take over a centuary to mature and they help to cleanse the river by filtering the water. You can read more about this serious poaching incident on the BBC news website, here. Should you come across such an incident, please contact our local police.

Another piece of disappointing local news is the theft of eggs from a fairly local Golden Eagles' nest which you can also read about, here.

........and finally, if you're wondering why it's presently light for most of the night, it's because tomorrow is the longest day of the year; thus making tonight and tomorrow night the two shortest nights of the year. So, we'll be heading back towards winter on Friday!

That's it for now. Tune-in again this weekend for another spell-binding update. Until then, please fish with enthusiasm so that I have something to report! Tight lines, Jimmy M. 


Sunday 17th June 2018

I'm pleased to be able to report that with a small rise in the river level, things improved towards the end the week.

Four more salmon have been reported since the last update, the largest of which I understand to have been 12 lbs. Shaun, our intrepid River Watcher has kindly sent us the below picture of one of these fish which was landed from Tarric Mor.


A decent salmon from Tarric Mor


The fish of the week was an 11 lbs sea-trout landed by Andrew Davie who has kindly sent us the below pictures of his specimen catch which he measured at 30 inches long. Thanks for the pictures, Andrew. (A decent fish like this deserves these larger pictures!)



Above 2 pictures feature Andrew Davie's sea-trout of 11 lbs landed on Saturday night


Several other large sea-trout have been landed. River Watcher Shaun has sent us the below picture of another decent sea-trout of 5 lbs from Big Stream. Thanks once again, Shaun.


A sea-trout of 5 lbs from Big Stream


You will be pleased to hear that the river level has risen slightly and is presently running at 5 inches.

Weatherwise, the next week is expected to be more cool, than of late. The start of the week may be slightly breezy from the west. There is hope of some rain late on Tuesday and into Wednesday. This Thursday will mark the summer solstice, (longest day).

I am told that plenty of fish are to be seen splashing in many of the pools and with some huge sea-trout around, there is good potential for the enthusiastic angler.

That's really all I can tell you for now. Tune-in for another update on Thursday. Until then, as always, good luck and tight lines!  Jimmy M. 


10:30hrs, Thursday 14th June 2018

Just a quick update this morning as there is no real news or pictures and, at present, there are no change to conditions. Sea-trout conditions are terrific!

One salmon and about ten sea-trout, of up to 4 lbs, have been reported for the week, thus far.

We are still enjoying drought conditions in Speyside and the river is running at 1 inch.

'Storm Hector' is presently blowing its way across us. It is presently producing plenty of wind and we hope that it will produce some rain on its trailing edge. To make things really interesting (!!), I have reproduced the meteogram from www.yr.no , as below, for your perusal. The chart does not include Saturday afternoon, there is some hope that there may be some rain around.


Detailed weather forecast from www.yr.no


That's really as much as I can tell you for now. Tune-in again for another update at the weekend. Until then, as always, good luck and tight lines! Jimmy M.



Sunday 10th June 2018

Another arid and sun-baked week has come to an end in Speyside. With the river running at just 1 inch for much of the week, it's a wonder that one salmon was landed from Poll Clachan Lois.

Mick Berry has kindly sent us the below picture of his 13 lbs salmon which he landed from Tarric Mor on the 1st of June. Many thanks, Mick.


Mick Berry's 13lbs salmon on 1st June


Nocturnal Sea-trout fishing conditions have been excellent with fish of 10, 8, 6, 5 lbs and slightly smaller, reported. Stuart Carswell has been enjoying the sea-trout fish, as pictured, below. Many thanks to all concerned for the pictures.




Pictured above are Stewart Carswell's sea-trout of 8 & 6lbs, together with a 4lbs brownie.


There were some thunder storms in the Strath, yesterday; there has also been some overnight rain. That has lifted this morning's river level up to 6 inches. The further good news is that more heavy, possibly thundery, showers are to be expected later today. So, keep an eye on the river level via the link, above.

The showers may continue into tonight. The rest of Monday is expected to be dry, there may be an odd light shower around on Tuesday. Forecasters are hopeful of some heavier prolonged rain for late Wednesday and into Thursday; just how much rain that we receive will depend on the exact track of an Atlantic low pressure area, as it heads across the north of Scotland.

That long awaited extra water should encourage even more fish to move into our waters.

If you're planning ahead, there is also the potential for some wetter weather for the start of the following week.

That's it for now. Tune-in again around Thursday for another update. Until then, as always, good luck and tight lines!  Jimmy M.


15:00hrs, Thursday 7th June 2018

Here's a quick bit of news just in. A sea-trout of 10lbs was landed last night at Balliefurth by Gary Pye. The fish was caught on a tube fly and, as you would imagine, gave a really spirited fight before being returned to the river. At least another half a dozen other sea-trout of up to 5lbs were also landed last night. Conditions for nocturnal sea-trout fishing could not be better. Enjoy! Jimmy M.


11:15 hrs, Thursday 7th June 2018

There have been no changes to the summer conditions in Speyside. We have 'enjoyed' this wonderful on-going summer weather for over a month. It's great for holiday-makers but less practical for fishing. Nonetheless, one really enthusiastic angler has managed to land a salmon from Poll Clachan Lios, one of our 'Inverallan' pools.

A handful of sea-trout of up to 5lbs have also been reported.

Predictably, the river level has fallen from its brief weekend peak of 6 inches. It's presently at 1 inch.

Plenty of salmon can still be seen splashing about in the pools. Remember to fish earlier and later in the present conditions.

Weatherwise, I have spent some time looking for rain! The most optimistic forecast which I can find is from the BBC which gives around a 30% chance of some showers on Saturday and Sunday afternoon .....you can see this here. Both the BBC and our usual Norwegian forecasters agree that it will otherwise remain bright and dry but perhaps a little more cloudy on Saturday. That's the best I can do for you.

A little piece of local news which you may find interesting. I was having a wee look at a Scotch Whisky website and I see that there are hopes to build a Whisky Distillery very close to Grantown. You can, if you so wish, read about that, here.

Some of you may becoming a little tired with my continual warnings about ticks and the dangers of Lyme Disease, however a wee read of this recent BBC article should help to concentrate the mind. You can read that here. If you have not yet seen our own fact sheet, you can see that, here.

That's it for now. Tune-in again at the weekend for another enthralling update. Until then, good luck and tight lines!  Jimmy M.


Sunday 3rd June 2018

Yet another blistering hot and sunny week has come to an end in Speyside. The river has been running low and local temperatures have been as high as 29C. The sun has shone from dawn till dusk!

Nonetheless, I am pleased to be able to tell you that some of our anglers have been fishing with real enthusiasm as three salmon have been landed since the last update. Fish of 18, 13 and 6 lbs have been landed from Tarric Mor and Little Stream. That's a remarkable achievement in such conditions ......see pictures, below.

A handful of sea-trout of up to 5 lbs have also been landed.

Below are a couple of pictures of Lower Bend entering Tarric Mor; both were taken on the same day last week.



Above pictures from last week feature Lower Bend entering Tarric Mor. They were taken 12 hours apart.


We have enjoyed a couple of local, but short, thundery downpours in the past couple of days. There seems to have been more rain in the hills as the river rose by 4 inches last night and peaked at 6 inches. It is dropping slowly and is presently running at a perfect 5 inches.

Weatherwise, the outlook is not great. It looks as if it may be fairly dry for the next while. Temperatures are expected to be a little more normal, than of late. It is still expected to be reasonably bright.

On the subject of the present drought; there is optimism in some quarters that there may be some flooding on the 9th of June! Regular visitor, Kenny Carr and his party will be coming up to Speyside for their annual visit to our waters. Kenny, or 'Rentaflood', as he is affectionately known by some, always seems to bring a deluge of rain with him. Let's hope so, Kenny!

There are plenty of fish in our waters as they can be seen splashing around. They just need to be tempted!

That's it for now, tune-in for another fascinating update on Thursday. Until then, good luck and tight lines! Jimmy M. 


10:00 hrs, Thursday 31st May 2018

With recent temperatures as high as 29ºC, it will come as no surprise to hear that the river has been quiet. One 14 lbs salmon has been landed this week from Tarric Mor. Perhaps more surpringly, only two sea-trout have been reported.

I'm afraid that with these drought conditions, the river has dropped a little more; it's running at 1 inch above summer level, this morning.

Weatherwise, it is supposed to be slightly less bright and warm today, ( but it is now bright and warm!); there may be just an odd shower around. Tomorrow may be brighter with temperatures heading up again and there may be some thunderstorms around later in the day. Saturday should be less bright and there may be some heavy slow moving showers around.

That's it for now. Tune-in again at the weekend for another update. Let's hope that we get some decent and prolonged rain, soon!

Tight lines! Jimmy Mitchell


Sunday 27th May 2018

As pleasant and warm as Speyside has been, the past week's fine fine weather was not helpful for salmon fishing. Surpringly, four salmon have been reported during the last couple of days; all have been landed by the Davies family. Nigel landed three from the Dulnain Mouth on Friday and his 12 year old son, Steven, (below), landed his very first salmon from the same pool on Saturday. All fish were between 8 and 12 lbs.


Steven Davies with his very first salmon. Well done!


Sea-trout numbers should start to increase as we head into June. Several have been landed during the last week, with fish of up to 6 lbs reported.


Little Stream looking far upstream towards Saddle Pool


There is still some snow on the mountain tops but probably not enough left to make much difference to the river level. I'm afraid that the river level is now running at just 2 inches. If any of you have the power to arrange for some rain, we will be most grateful!

Weatherwise, it seems that it will remain mostly bright and pleasant for the next week. The exception to this may be Thursday when it may be slightly more cool with the possibility of a sprinkle.

Now, here's a wee story about learning to practice what you preach! During the last update, I made mention of the potential dangers associated with Ticks together with the Lyme Disease organism that some of them carry. I included a link to our fact sheet. That afternoon, I had a wee walk along the river, however it wasn't until the following morning that I found a Tick fastened to my leg! It was quickly removed with the very useful Tick Twisters and, in my efforts to photograph all things wild, I took a couple of pictures of it, as below. So, if you haven't already read our fact sheet, please familiarise yourself with the potential dangers associated with Ticks and Lyme Disease, here.


A tick pictured beside a pin head & pin point.


Also, for your own protection, remember the safety benefits of high-factor suncream.

Whilst the summer weather remains, remember that it can be more productive to fish early and late in the day, for salmon. Conditions are ideal for nocturnal sea-trout fishing.

Tune-in for another update on Thursday. Until then, good luck and tight lines! Jimmy Mitchell


13:00 hrs, Thursday 24th May 2018

The river level remained low over last weekend. As forecast, later on Monday some light drizzle arrived which remained into Tuesday. Alas, it made only the smallest difference to the low river level. It rose by 1 inch! Since then, we have 'enjoyed' sparkling clear skies and blazing sunshine and the river has now dropped back to 3 inches.

With such poor salmon fishing conditions, it will come as little surprise to hear that none have yet been reported for this week, so far. I am told that all rivers throughout Scotland, including the Tweed, are presently suffering from low catches.

Recent conditions have been more suited to sea-trout fishing and I am told that at least another four fish have been landed including fish at 6 and 4 lbs. The sea-trout should start to increase in numbers.

It is yet another hot sparkling day with the present temperature somewhere around the mid-twenties  ....... very pleasant for holiday-makers but not ideal for salmon fishing!

Fish are being seen in our waters. Do remember that under such conditions, salmon fishing can be more productive both earlier and later in the day.

Weatherwise, it may be just a shade more cool on Friday, otherwise expect it to remain bright and warm through to the middle of next week!

With such lovely summer weather, please remind yourselves of the potential dangers of Ticks and Lyme Disease, here.

Thank you to all anglers who have been parking diagonally into the fence at the Auckernach Burn 'car park' on the Nethybridge Road. This allows many more cars to use this small facility.

Incidentally, you may be interested to have a wee read of this month's Spey Fishery Board Briefing, here.

That's as much as I can tell you for now. Tune-in again this weekend for the latest news and yet another gripping update. Until then, good luck and tight lines! Jimmy Mitchell


18:00 hrs Saturday 19th May 2018

Recent dry and bright conditions have not been ideal, and with a shortage of anglers, it is an amazing achievement that eight salmon have been reported since the last update. Two of these weighed-in at 14lbs each. Below are pictured a couple of other recent fish.


Nigel Davies with his fresh 11lbs fish from Lower Bend


Stuart Carswell's 9lbs fish from The Bushes


As always, many thanks to all concerned for the above pictures. If you are thinking of sending us a picture of your catch, please ensure that your digital image measures at least 800 pixels wide, to ensure that it is large enough for inclusion on this page.

The sea-trout have started to arrive and at least eleven fish have been reported. This number includes fish of 6 lbs and 5 lbs. With low water and warm temperatures, recent conditions have suited sea-trout anglers.

The river level has been running at an unseasonably low 3 inches, today. Thankfully, there is still some snow left of the mountains which will help to feed the river.

Monday and early Tuesday may bring some welcome rain. Otherwise, expect it to remain bright and warm.

There are plenty of fresh fish in our waters - they just have to be tempted!

That's really as much as I can tell you for now. Tune-in again this Thursday for another update. Until then, tight lines! Jimmy Mitchell


Saturday 5th May 2018

It has been a surpringly quiet week on our waters with much more wildlife to be seen than anglers. As a direct result of our empty river banks, just one unusually small salmon has been reported for the week.

There are rumours of our first sea-trout of the season. It may be that a 5 lbs fish was landed from Tarric Mor, although it has yet to be officially reported.

Grantown seems to be quite busy today with the Bank Holiday. Alas, the same cannot be said for the river banks .....as can be seen in the below picture. You will note that the river is looking great. Fish are just waiting to be caught!


As pictured today, the River Spey looking upstream from the Old Spey Bridge


For what it's worth to you now, the river has been running at a very fishable 10 inches today, having risen about an inch early this morning with the increase in temperatures and consequential snow-melt. On that very subject, there are still substantial amounts of snow on the Mountains which you will be able to see and read about in a news article from the BBC, here.

We are fortunate to have the snow-melt keeping the river running as there is no substantial rain forecast for the next 10 days. Expect temperatures to remain in the mid to high teens until Tuesday. Thereafter it will become more cool; it is expected to remain fairly bright.

Conditions are good and our river watcher tells us that fish are being seen. We just need some enthusiastic anglers.

That's really as much as I can tell you for now, except to say that this page is unlikely to be updated until the 19th of May. In the meantime, if you have any questions about what's happening on the river, staff at Mortimer's shop will be delighted to help you on 01479 872684.

Until the next update, good luck and tight lines!  Jimmy Mitchell


10:00hrs, Thursday 3rd May 2018

This week's cold weather seems to have had an effect on both anglers and fish. I'm afraid that no fish have been landed, as yet, by the handful of anglers who have been fishing in the relatively low water.

One of our few anglers did manage to hook and play a huge fish for nearly 10 minutes. Only the tail of the fish was seen during this period. It was described as a monster!

With yesterday's rain, the river peaked about 1 foot 4 inches overnight. It has already started to fall and is presently about 1 foot 1 inch. So, it's at a great height!

It has been a cold week with night time frosts. Unusually for this time of year, there are still remnants of snow on the nearby Cromdale Hills. It is forecast to become more mild from tomorrow. Rain will be in short supply for the next week; thankfully there is still plenty of melting snow on the Cairngorms to keep the river flowing. Expect the weather to become more Spring-like, with lighter cloud cover and a fair amount of brightness.

Conditions are really good so come and join us. 

As we are now on the cusp of enjoying some warmer weather, it seems pertinant to remind you of the potential danger of ticks and the associated lyme disease which many of them carry. Please remind yourself of the potential problems, and importantly when to seek medical advice, by reading our factsheet, here.

You may be interested to read the latest Spey Fishery Board Annual report which can be found here.

Finally, you may have read / heard that an angler lost his life on the River Oykel in Sutherland. Please remember to wear your life-vests at all times. 

That's it for now. Hopefully, some anglers will appear on our waters and we'll have some news to report in our next update on Saturday evening. Until then, good luck and tight lines!  Jimmy Mitchell


18:00, Saturday 28th April 2018

Anglers are still in short supply, however despite this and some poor weather, at least five more fresh salmon have been reported since the last update. I understand that local member, John Davis, as pictured in the last update, landed a fine 18 pound fish today at Poll an Eileen. John tempted the fish with a fly. Let's hope that a picture exists of this cracking fish.

As can be seen below, our anglers have been very busy with their cameras during this past week. A big thank you to all concerned.


Many thanks to Andrew Davie for this fantastic picture of his 8lbs fish from the Long Pool


Many thanks to Adam Howarth for this lovely picture of his 10lbs fish from Saddle Pool


Thanks also to all involved for this picture of happy local member, Alan Grant with his 12 lbs fish from Poll Clach


Many thanks also to Jim Gentleman for this picture of his 8lbs fish .....and his left foot!


For what it's worth to you now, the river has been running at a very fishable 11 inches. It may fall a little for Monday.

Weatherwise, it will remain cool until Friday and is expected to remain largly dry until Wednesday when it might be quite wet! Expect winds to come from all directions.

Conditions are good and plenty of fresh salmon are being seen in the river. There is still a shortage of anglers on our waters and, as such, you can almost be guaranteed your own stretch of water to yourself.

Tune-in again for another update on Thursday. Until then, good luck and tight lines!  Jimmy Mitchell 


18:00hrs, Saturday 21st April 2018

I'm pleased to report that, despite a shortage of anglers, there are several more fresh salmon to report. Thursday saw an 8 lbs fish landed from the Long Pool by Stuart Carswell. Friday saw the fish of the week - a 14 pounder landed from Poll a Cearan by John Davis, (as wonderfully pictured below). Today, Neil Maclean landed an 8 lbs fish from Poll Clach. All of these recent fish were caught in high water on spinner.


A terrific picture of local member, John Davis with fresh 14 pounder from Poll a Cearan


That makes at least six salmon for the past week with only a few anglers. That's really good!

As predicted, the river level saw many fluctuations during the week with the warmer weather and melting snow. It has been falling since its peak of 2 foot 9 inches on Thursday; it's presently 1 foot 10 inches and still falling.

Weatherwise, expect it to become cooler for this coming week with occasional April showers. It is expected to remain frost-free but less pleasant than the past week.

For those of you who will be visiting us the week after next, if you can tear yourself away from the river, you may have the chance to enjoy the Spirit of Speyside Whisky Festival, details of which can be found here.

The next update of this page will be next weekend. I am sure that there will be more good news to report. Until then, enjoy the great fishing. Good luck and tight lines! Jimmy Mitchell 


10:00 hrs Friday 20th April 2018

Just a very quick update. At least one other fresh fish landed yesterday. Conditions are super if you're spinning. Tight lines! J.M.


11:20hrs, Thursday 19th April 2018

It's been a while but I'm delighted to tell you that there are some fresh salmon to report.

The first of the season, an 8 lbs fish, was landed last Saturday at Poll Clach by Frazer Patterson. The fish took a fly.

The second and third fish were both landed at Long Pool by Willie Laird. Willie landed a 7 lbs fish yesterday, pictured below, and a 6 lbs fish this morning.

Well done to you both!


Local member, Willie Laird with a 7lbs fish from the Long Pool


Our waters are still very much under-fished and our catches reflect this. You can almost be guaranteed your own selection of pools ......all to yourself!

The river has been running at 2 foot 9 inches since yesterday. The warmer temperatures have caused snow to melt in the surrounding hills.

Weatherwise, it is a whole lot more dull today than expected. However, it's dry and mild. It should remain mostly dry up to Saturday but expect it to become more cool from tomorrow.

I am pleased that we have seen some evidence that there are fresh salmon in our waters. If just some anglers appear, more fish will be landed.

Tune-in for another wee update on Sunday. Until then, get fishing. Tight lines,   Jimmy Mitchell


Sunday 15th April 2018

It was with disappointment that I have to say that there have still not been any fresh salmon landed in our waters, as yet.

There are fish here as one of our visitors from last week will testify, to his excitement.

I expect that the warmer temperatures will encourage the fish to be more active, which in turn should result in some action for our anglers.

For what it's worth to you today, the river is running at a very fishable 1 foot 5 inches. Although the weather for the week ahead is predicted to be mostly dry, you may find that the river level fluctuates with snow-melt from the surrounding hills.

Weatherwise, expect the week ahead to be the warmest of the year, so far. The wind will have a southerly edge for nearly all of the week ahead and the warmest and brightest day is expected to be Thursday when it could just reach 20ºC ! There may just be some light rain around on Tuesday. The week will be frost-free.

That's it for now. If I'm told of any catches, I'll post the news here, straight away. Failing that, tune-in again on Thursday for another update. Until then, good luck and tight lines! Jimmy Mitchell


Thursday 12th April 2018

The weather is improving slowly but disappointingly, there are no fish to report, as yet. It is true to say that anglers have been in short supply, however we are still hopeful that we will hear of a fish, or two, before the end of this week.

The river level has been up and down this week. It rose once again early this morning but has since started to fall again and is presently about 1 foot 6 inches. The snow-melt on the hills is partly responsible for this.

There has been a keen wind from the north-east today which has made fly casting quite difficult.

Weatherwise, today has been our brightest and sunniest day of the year, so far. Expect a little more cloud, possibly with a sprinkle of rain early tomorrow. It should be dry thereafter and temperatures should be acceptable. (Later next week, it's just possible that we'll enjoy temperatures around 20ºC !)

Hopefully the better weather will encourage more anglers to our waters.

It has been a long winter in Grantown. Would you believe that I still have snow-drops flowering in my garden?

In the absence of other news, I thought that I might bore you with the below pictures. During the past week, without making any special effort, I have seen 3 white-tailed eagles and 2 golden-eagles; all within a couple of miles of Grantown. I managed to take poor and long-distance pictures of all except the last 'goldie'. Picture 1 is a pair of adult white-tailed eagles. Picture 2 is a young golden eagle being harrassed by the smaller buzzard. Picture 3 is another white tailed-eagle which was wearing tags on both wings and a radio transmitter on its back. Eagles seem to be like buses, you never see any for a while and then lots appear at once! There's always something interesting to see around Grantown.


Various Eagles spotted around Grantown during the past week


That's as much as I can tell you for now. I'll be back with another update on Sunday. Until then, please fish enthusiastically!! Good luck and tight lines!  Jimmy Mitchell


Sunday 8th April 2018

We came so close to having our first fish of the season, yesterday. One of our visiting anglers played a fish for 4 or 5 minutes before it threw the hooks.

The Castle Grant Beats, which are located immediately downstream of our own water, have landed fresh salmon. So, there can be no doubt that there are fresh fish in our own waters, we just need some anglers to tempt them!

In a nutshell, if you are fishing our waters with enthusiasm, you now stand as much chance of landing a salmon as anywhere else on the river.

Conditions are presently good for those intending to spin. Last night's heavy rain, combined with snow-melt from the hills, has lifted the water level. Hopefully it won't get too much higher than its present level of just over 2 feet. That will certainly get fish moving into our own waters.

We are now into the second week in April, having endured 6 full months of winter weather. Hopefully, we have seen the last of the snow. The past two days have been the warmest of the year, thus far, so hopefully Spring has arrived. The forecast for the coming week is frost-free! Expect it to remain mostly cloudy with temperatures in the high single figures. We may experience an odd shower. Conditions are looking great!

Tune-in for another update on Thursday, if not before, when I hope to be able to tell you about our first fresh fish of this season. Until then, good luck and tight lines! Jimmy Mitchell


11:00 hrs, Thursday 5th April 2018

Welcome to our first mid-week update of this season. Alas, this week's weather has been so poor that no anglers have been spotted on our banks. Consequently, there are no fish to report.

Apparently, Tulchan Estate, (4 miles downstream) have landed fresh salmon, so there must be fresh fish in our waters. We just need some acceptable weather and some anglers to confirm this!

We have enjoyed snow on every day of this week, so far, and despite all of this week's precipitation, the river is running at just 8 inches. The snow on the surrounding hills will have to melt before it lifts the river level.

Weatherwise, expect it to be frost-free for the next few days and mostly dry, too. The breeze will be from the south. I am really hopeful that we will have fresh salmon to report before the end of this week. Please don't let me down!

That's it for now. Tune-in again at the weekend for another update. Until then, good luck and tight lines, Jimmy Mitchell


Sunday 1st April 2018

I'm afraid that there are still no fresh salmon to report. A contributary factor has been the lack of anglers, however with the Easter holiday season now upon us, I am really hopeful that we will hear of a fresh salmon, or two, during the coming week.

I was having a wee look at our recent seasons' catch records. In each of the past three seasons, only two fresh fish were reported in March. In fact, just one fish was reported in March 2013; so all is not lost. April is usually when the action starts to happen on our waters.

The river level has been dropping slowly since its most recent peak on 23rd March when it reached about 2 foot 3 inches. It's presently running about 9 inches. There is a reasonable amount of precipitation forecast the coming week. Just how much of this precipiation falls as snow on the hills will determine the effect on the river level.

Weatherwise, expect another frost, tonight. Thereafter, there is a band of rain/sleet or snow coming our way for Monday night and into Tuesday. Wednesday may also be wet, as may Friday into Saturday. There is no immediate prospect of the weather situation becoming more Spring-like. Hopefully, the possible extra water should encourage fish in our direction.

Just before it gets busy on the river, I'll just take this opportunity of a polite reminder about parking beside Auchernack Burn on the Nethybridge Road. The parking facility at this location is small, however it can accomodate up to 5 or 6 cars if parked diagonally into the fence. Unfortunately, not all users of this parking facility are anglers, so please try to politely encourage other users to park in this way.

As we're now into April, tune-in for another update this coming Thursday. Until then, good luck and tight lines!  Jimmy Mitchell


Sunday 25th March 2018

We have enjoyed a few pleasant days during the past week. Yesterday was almost Spring-like. However, fresh salmon have managed to elude the few anglers on our waters.

I understand that one fish, which was landed during the week, gave great cause for excitement. Alas, after much debate, it was decided that it was a very well-mended kelt. False alarm!

There are reports of fresh fish being seen heading upstream, so it is just a matter of time before we hear of some being landed from our waters.

The snow continues to melt slowly on the surrounding hills. This has raised the river level. It peaked at over 2 feet on both Friday and Saturday. It's presently running at 1 foot 5 inches.

Weatherwise, expect another dry day tomorrow, Monday. Thereafter, the wind is expected to come from the east, bringing some rain/sleet or snow on some days during the remainder of the week. It will be cool, again.

Last season, we experienced some difficulties retrieving pictures of fish which our anglers had kindly sent to us for inclusion in this news page. A new address has now been created for this purpose; this should allow us quicker and untroubled access to any pictures which you send to us, this season. We look forward to receiving your pictures!

That really is as much as I can tell you for now. Malcolm Newbould may have more news for us which you will see if you click on the 'Weekly Spey Fishery Board News' link, later today.

As usual, if there is any exciting news, I'll let you know about it on this page, just as soon as I am told. In the meantime good luck and tight lines! Jimmy Mitchell 


Sunday 18th March 2018

The conditions during the past week have been fairly similar to that of the previous one. Pockets of ice and snow, from the beginning of the month, have remained in places and the freezing easterly wind, which arrived last Thursday, made conditons extremely unpleasant. Once again, no surprises that there are no fresh salmon to report.

I understand that one of our brave local members, Willie Laird, has enjoyed a cast, or two, on the water and landed a fine brown trout of just over 4 lbs.

With improving conditons during the coming week, we are hopeful we may hear of some action on our waters ......if some anglers appear!

The river level peaked at just under 2 feet on Friday and, with the freezing weather, has since dropped. It's presently running about 10 inches but should rise during the week with a slow thaw.

Weatherwise, expect this freezing easterly wind to change to a northerly, tomorrow. Tuesday should see it moderate and come from the milder Atlantic. The week ahead may be mostly dry with the mildest day being Thursday, when the temperature may peak about 8ºC.

This Tuesday marks the Spring (Vernal) equinox. Many of the Spring-time birds have arrived to breed. Let's hope that the weather improves, soon.

On the subject of weather, herewith are a couple of websites that you may find of interest. www.highlandweather.info provides real-time weather conditons and temperatures from locations all over the Highlands; our nearest stations being Craggan (Grantown), Advie, Nethybridge and Carrbridge.

Another of our favourite weather sites is, we believe, run by one of our local members and is based in Cromdale. You can find this here - www.strathspeyweather.co.uk . This particular site has a huge volume of statistical local weather information and you can also access present conditions, too. 

That's as much as I can tell you for now. As usual, if I am told of any action, I will report it here as soon as I am informed. Failing that, tune-in again next weekend for another fascinating update. Until then, good luck and tight lines!  Jimmy Mitchell 


Sunday 11th March 2018

You may have seen on the web-cam, (link above), that the snow and ice has lingered for most of the week on our river banks. The river has been running low and just one brave angler was spotted on our waters during the past week. No surprises then that there are no fresh salmon to report.

I have heard rumours of a fresh fish being lost 'at the net' on one of the Tulchan Beats. (For the benefit of those who are unfamiliar with the Spey, that's only about 3 miles downstream of our own waters.) So, with good conditions for the week ahead, it's looking promising.

With the recent cold weather, the river dropped to just 5 inches on Tuesday. However, a wee sprinkle of rain, combined with a slight rise in temperatures, has seen the river rise to it's present level of 8 inches. With the slow thaw on the surrounding hills, it is likely to rise more.

Weatherwise, it is expected to be a fairly settled, if unremarkable, week ahead. Temperatures may rise to 5 or 6ºC during the day and it shouldn't become too cold at night. It should remain mostly dry.

This coming week's conditions are looking good. All we need are some anglers!

If anything exciting happens, I'll let you know here as soon as I'm informed. Failing that, tune-in once again next weekend for another enthralling update. In the meantime, good luck and tight lines!  Jimmy Mitchell 


Sunday 4th March 2018

It should come as no surprise to you, that because of the severe weather, there has been no fishing on our water during the past week. The wintery conditions have not been unusual for this part of the world, however fishing has been impossible. The picture below was taken during the week from the Old Spey Bridge looking downstream.


1st of March 2018, downstream from the Old Spey Bridge


As was to be expected during this cold-snap, the river level has fallen and is presently running about 6 inches.

Weatherwise, day-time temperatures may just rise very slightly above freezing during this coming week, however expect night-time frosts to continue. It may be that the snow and ice remains for the week ahead.

If you are near the river banks, please be extra careful.

That's it for now. Tune-in for another exciting update next weekend. Until then, take care out there. Jimmy Mitchell 


Sunday 25th February 2018

We have enjoyed a pleasant and mostly sunny week in Speyside. Many kelts have been landed, however fresh salmon have managed to elude the handful of anglers who have enjoyed the pleasant weather.

The heavier than expected rain late last Monday lifted the river level to around 3 feet. The river has been falling steadily since then and is presently running about 9 inches. The anticipated colder weather for next week will freeze some of the drainage water in our catchment area, meaning that the river level is likely to fall.

Weatherwise, this coming week will see the start of the meteorological Spring, on 1st March. However, it will be a cold week ahead. Some snow is to be expected and even daytime temperatures are forecast to remain sub-zero. This will make for some challenging fishing conditions.

I did spot a pair of Oyster Catchers on the river, yesterday. So, Spring weather can't be too far away ....let's hope!

If you would like to discover what has been happening on the rest of the Spey, check-out Malcolm's weekly Spey Fishery Board News Page, link above.

That's really as much as I can tell you for now. If anything exciting happens, I will publish it on this page as soon as I am told. Failing that, tune-in again next weekend for another gripping update. Until then, good luck and tight lines!  Jimmy Mitchell 


17:30 hrs, Saturday 17th February 2018

Herewith is your first river report of this season ..... one whole day ahead of schedule. What wonderful service!

It has been a cold week in Strathspey with heavy overnight frosts and daytime snow showers. It will therefore come as no real surprise to learn that only a very small handful of brave and hardy souls have been down to our waters for a cast. I understand that fresh salmon managed to elude the few, however as is to be expected at this time of the season, many kelts were landed. I understand that some large trout were landed, too. I suspect that some of these may have been last season's sea-trout.

There are rumours of fresh salmon being landed at, or near, Rothes. Perhaps Malcolm Newbould will provide more information for us, tomorrow.

For the benefit of new visitors to our site, Malcolm Newbould publishes a report, for the whole of the Spey, every Sunday afternoon. Malcolm's weekly reports contain interesting information about catches for the whole river ...... from the Beats which are prepared to divulge such information. (It has been said that there are some Beats which refuse to publicise this information for fear of being beaten by our own catch numbers!) Malcolm's weekly Spey Fishery Board News reports can be found via the link, above.

The river has been running about 9 inches today, however this may rise with expected precipitation on Sunday evening and into Monday.

Rain is expected to arrive on Sunday evening and last through to Monday, about noon. There may be just a little more rain on Monday night, however the rest of the week is predicted to be mostly dry. It will be cold but mostly above freezing.

If you're intending to have a cast on our waters, you are always in with a chance of a fresh salmon and, at this time of the year, many kelts. Please treat all fish with care.

Another reminder of the need to wear life-jackets, please.

That's about it for now. Unless anything really exciting happens, my next update will be next weekend. Until then, good luck and tight lines!  Jimmy Mitchell 


Friday 9th February 2018

As if you need reminding, our 2018 season starts this coming Monday on the 12th of February. The permits have been printed and you can purchase your permit, now.

The river level last peaked about 4 feet at the very end of January. It has since fallen steadily and is presently running about 11 inches. Weather predictions suggest that the river level should remain around much the same for Monday.

For the benefit of new visitors / anglers, it is not just rain which affects our river level at this time of year. We must also consider snow melt from the hills within the Spey catchment. It is not unusual to find the river in a raging flood after a sudden thaw.

The weather forecast from our preferred service at www.yr.no ,(link above), tends to be a little more accurate than that provided by the BBC. None of the forecasts are ever 100% accurate, however it is suggested that, after a frosty start, Monday should be mostly dry and cold. The whole week will be cold with frost most nights. There will be some occasional snow.

There may be remnants of snow on the ground from this weekend which, together with ice, could make the river banks a bit slippy on Monday. Therefore, please, please remember to wear your life-vest.

You are always in with a chance of a fresh salmon on opening day. You are also very likely to catch a kelt, or two. Some kelts can be 'well-mended' and ,with a strong silvery sheen, can appear to be fresh salmon. They can be distinguished by their disproportionately large heads and thin bodies. You can read more about Kelts, Baggots and Rawners here. Please remember to treat all of these fish with great care and return them quickly to the river.

If you do manage to land a fresh salmon, we would appreciate a good clear photograph which we would post on this page. (Please use the link, above, for this purpose.)

Just in case you have forgotten, there is a web-cam situated just above the Old Spey Bridge. This allows you to view the live conditions for yourself by clicking the link, above.

If anything really exciting happens, I will update this page as soon as I am informed. Failing that, the next update will be on Sunday, 18th Feb'. Please feel free to tune-in for this news with prospects for the following week.

Until then, good luck to you all and tight lines!  Jimmy Mitchell 


Wednesday 10th January 2018

The AGM of this Association was held yesterday evening in Grantown's Garth Hotel. Despite a couple of apologies, there seemed to be more attendees than in recent years. That's good. The salient points of the meeting were, as below -

It was decided that permit prices should remain unchanged for this coming season.

Furthermore, in an attempt to encourage greater numbers of local members, the 100 joining fee is to be waived for this season. This matter will be reviewed in time for the 2019 season when the joining fee may/may not be reinstated. So, if you were thinking of joining, now is the time!

The office bearers are to remain unchanged.

Finally, the passing of our Honourary President, Col. (retired) Tom Hawkins, was announced. Tom passed-away on the 1st of January. We send our condolences to his family.

Permits are now available to purchase via fishpal, which you can find here . Please understand that if making an advance puchase of a fishing permit via fishpal, that you will still be required to pick-up your permit, in person, from Mortimer's shop in Grantown. Permits are always available to purchase from Mortimer's. Please read more about the purchase of fishing permits on our Permits page.

For those of you who are new visitors to our site, I will take this opportunity to explain that I try to update this page with river conditions, prospects, weather forecasts and any other relevant news and pictures once per week, until the end of March. From April, I try to update this page twice per week.

Most of our pictures come from our anglers and there is a link, above, for anyone to send us pictures of interest which we may publish on this page.

I should have this web-site fully up-to-date within the next few days, so please bear with me.

Remember to tune-in just before our season starts on Monday the 12th February for a wee update. Until then, best wishes,  Jimmy Mitchell 


Monday 1st January 2018

Welcome back to our website for this 2018 season where you can read about our Association and news from our exciting waters on the Rivers Spey and Dulnain.

The AGM of this association will be held in Grantown's Garth Hotel on Tuesday 9th January 2018, at 7.30pm; fully paid-up local members are invited to attend.

Agendas are now available from Mortimer's shop and will be available on the night at the venue.

The regular visitors amongst you will have noticed that I have started to prepare this website for our 2018 season which commences on Monday 12th February.

Last year's 2017 news page, together with the full 2017 catch report page can still be accessed via the links on our recent seasons page.

Most of last season's pictures are now featured on our photo gallery page which also includes many of the pictures from previous seasons.

A wee reminder about our latest glossy A3-sized brochure. If you would like to view, or print, a smaller A4-sized copy of the brochure, then click on the corresponding image below; this will open the brochure in a fairly large pdf file. Should you wish to print your own copy, please set your print orientation to landscape. (Only this smaller A4-sized brochure includes the large white borders which are necessary to 'fill' the image to A4 size for your printer.) 

If you would prefer your own original glossy copy, please feel free to get in touch with us via the contact us link at the top of this page. Alternatively, staff at Mortimer's shop will be delighted to help, just telephone 01479 872684.


Click on the above images to view &/or print A4 images of our new brochure


To confuse you just a little more, an additional glossy colour brochure has been produced by our Secretary, Grant Mortimer. This contains fishing tips for each and every one of our pools on the Spey; the information was orginally collated by Grant's father, George. This brochure also contains information about Mortimer's shop and is thus only available from Mortimer's, contact details as above.

In due course, I will complete the 2018 update of this website. I will also include any pertinant information from the AGM. In the meantime, may I wish you all a very decent and healthy new year.

Best wishes,  Jimmy Mitchell  



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